Exhibition as a medium

Exhibitions are your most versatile medium

The combination of several different businessgenerating activities offered by exhibitions makes them a medium with unique features and benefits. Exhibitions are advertising. Exhibitions are PR.

Exhibitions are sales. Exhibitions draw attention to you, generate contacts, build your brand, and create concrete business and closure.

Customers want to see the various products in their context and thereby immediately recognise what they can bring to their own operations. The fair provides a complete overview, in one and the same place, of what is on offer. Here, the customer can compare the different alternatives straight away, and quickly get more information and answers to his questions.

Only an exhibition brings you, the exhibitor, into personal contact with so many highly interested and motivated people on a single occasion!

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre continues to strengthen the exhibition concept. Our marketing system, visitor system, booking system, exhibition training courses, and extended Internet servicesenable our exhibitors to benefit from the special power of a trade exhibition long before and after the actual event.